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Daily Drawing 365 – Represent the relationship of my subject’s place within his or her environment.

Drawing is my way of examining and understanding the world around me, and, chiefly, the people who inhabit it.

Rather than trying to make a copy of life, to depict just the flesh and bone and the surface of my subjects, I try to capture the oftentimes intense underlying emotions, their essence, or one graceful lucid moment happening right in front of me, with just a few lines.

These drawings are my effort to relate to the world and visually reconcile the individual and fleeting moments that give evidence of human activity in all its forms.

Ideally, my drawings represent the relationship of my subject’s place within his or her environment as well as my seeing of them. Until just recently, I did not even look at my drawings once they were finished.

Posting a daily drawing, online, has made me look at them again, with a different eye than the one I used to make them. I am able see them in a whole new and different way now. I make marks on paper everyday, and sometimes those marks are beautiful.

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