Annika Ruohonen (Photographer, Environmentalist, Adventurer, Educator) –
Nature Photography – The natural world through the lens of a camera.

photo sun shinning through trees

photography of nature reflections

trees reflecting in water

black and white photo cloudy horizon

macro black and white photo leaf

macro nature photo

zoomed image ice

nature photo sun glare

photo looking up at snow covered trees

photo nature criss cross pattern

nature photo curvy

black and white curvy nature photo

About the Artist
I love taking pictures and looking at the world through the lens of my camera. I feel compelled to create images and in any given day if I don’t get a chance to work with photos, that day seems like a wasted one. I’ve taken pictures for twenty years and my subjects include mostly people and nature. For a long time I shot with a film camera Canon T60, and my series ‘First Summer’ is from that time. I also have a lot of photos from that time that I haven’t scanned.

In photography I love its documentary nature. With portraits for example I try to capture something about the era and the culture with the shot as well as the people and a glimpse of their personalities and lives, see for example portrait ‘3&93’. I also try to portray people so that there can be many interpretations of the picture, see for example portrait Shadowed Woman in which to me people seem to find a troubled look whereas some people say that they see an amused look. I think that people are complex and they should be portrayed as such, with mixed feelings and rich life experiences. Being a photographer gives me a great opportunity to be an observer of life.

When I photograph nature, I want to capture its beauty but also a new way to look at it. I feel that landscapes and details can create whole stories if you take a moment to look at them, see for example my Dreamscapes or Leaves Applaud The Wind series. Creating a story with my picture (or stories with my series) is what I aim to do. I don’t like extra gimmicks or flashy colors, I rather emphasis simple textures and light. Glowing light on the surface of an object fascinates me, like for example in the Illuminance Series, sometimes an object seems like a source of light itself when it reflects sunlight. All life in its imperfections is beautiful and interesting. The subject in the picture is interesting when it is imperfect but with my image I want to have a perfect capture of that imperfect subject. I try not to crop my images, instead I feel that I have to create the image when I shoot. All my photographs are natural light and almost all of them are straight out of camera. Playing with light and shadow as well as the idea of minimum is what I find myself doing most of the time with my images. I try to give the viewers something interesting to see or think about with just a hint of light and a hint of subject.

I have traveled in many countries (see my Flickr map for example) and I enjoy enormously seeing new places and meeting new people. Observing life in all its imperfection and beauty through the lense of my camera is my paradise.

All my images are copyrighted ­ please do not use them in any way (including websites, blogs etc.) without my written permission. Annika Ruohoen Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Article by James Day

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