Marc Kitaen (Digital Artist) –
Digital FX Photography – Specializing in creative chroma key (green screen) portrait photography.

“Marc Kitaen is an artist with 24 years visual arts and mixed media experience. I work as an FX portrait photographer, and as a graphic artist / designer with 14 years experience.”

“As a FX Photographer and Graphic Artist, I create special effects photographic portraits, with a library of my original digital photographic artwork and backgrounds into which photos of people & pets can be dropped into them, it gives the illusion that they are actually there.”

Resident FX photographer and Graphic Artist at a dedicated chroma key portrait photography studio, “Green Screen Wizard Studios”, specializing in creative chroma key (green screen) portrait photography. Our studio has available a huge inventory of Costumes, Wardrobe and real Props.

Marc Kitaen’s artwork has exhibited in international and local galleries, museums, several one man shows, county fairs, published, various awards and recognition, and interviewed and televised on the TV Artist Channel.

Special FX Photography & Graphics
(619) 618-6428

Green Screen Wizard Studios
8680 Miralani Dr. Suite 126, San Diego, 92126.
(By appointment only)

Clients choose from a large library of over 1,000 Marc Kitaen’s original artwork backgrounds & theme images, for their photography portraits and graphics projects. Clients can also provide me with their own personal photographs or digital files for commission work or graphic design projects. On site location Chroma-key Photography setups for special events and private parties.

Artwork Themes available for Photo Shoots: Personal FX portraits, fantasy worlds, movie posters, magazine covers, music fantasy, pirate’s, angel’s, pet animal portraits (pets of all kinds), wildlife, botanical & nature’s landscapes, ocean, famous world locations, spiritual, conceptual, motorcycles, aviation, cars, boats, and amazing background scenes.

Special FX Photo Graphic Design Services: CD artwork designs, photographic restorations, logos, T-shirt designs, self promotional posters & fliers, advertising ad’s, business cards, greeting cards, and product design.

Marc Kitaen (FX Photo & Graphic Arts) Web Site, Facebook, & Twitter –

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