Tony Hicks (Artist) –
Watercolor Artist – an artist delving into natural science, a comic book illustrator, a sculptor and a Steampunk bodger.

I have worn a number of different hats in my life but an exceedingly large portion of them have been bowlers!  My influences range from Charles Darwin to H.P. Lovecraft to Clement Ader. As a small child I watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and fell head first into the waters of Steampunk, from which I have yet to resurface.
I’m not sure why a raven dwells comfortably on this page, but for some unknown reason, it does. It could be his dignified appearance in Gothic literature, his penchant for finding and hoarding shiny objects or his darkling intelligence. He seems to embody the very soul of mystery and bodgery so I shall question his appearance…nevermore!

At Tinplate Studios we take pride in depicting the modern airships which ply the skies of imperium. The German Zeppelins can cross the Atlantic in 2.5 days. Feh and pish posh we say. That’s barely enough time to get all squiffy on the observation deck while listening to endless accounts of the 15th Boer War!! The HMAS Cetacea makes the crossing in a civilized 5 days. Why fret about German efficiency when you can float high about the shimmering waves. Think of it, you would live in the lap of luxury. You would dine on epicurean delights, engage in various wholesome upper-crust diversions and sleep like an enormous laudinum addled infant. And you could experience all of this while riding in the belly of a cyclopean mechanical air-whale. Relaxing hmmmm? Or you could own the print.
This quality Giclee print is 8.75 X 12 in size

A collection of unimaginable, beguiling and sometimes confounding items. My work consists of Steampunk ray guns, respirators, odd gadgets, and masks as well as disturbing cryptozoological anomalies under glass. In addition, I am a Natural Science Illustrator (and sometimes a bit of Unnatural Science)as well as a Comic Book Artist working in pen and ink and watercolors. More to come – you shall be rewarded for your patience. Mind your fingers.
Proud member of Etsy Steam Team! Search for ‘steamteam’ on Etsy. Also member of Seattle’s amazing Team EtsyRain.

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