Anthony M. Davis (Photographer) –
Infrared Photography – Textures, forms and styles of architecture captured in digital photographs.

anthony m davis digital infrared photograph of blue trees with an orange sky and white clouds

infrared photograph of a white house with white trees and grass by photographer anthony m davis

anthony davis infrared digital photograph of a wide open white field with one tree in the middle and a forest in the distance

anthony m davis infrared photograph of bright yellow trees and grass with a white trailer in front and a grain silo hidden behind the trees

orange infrared photograph by anthony m davis of a barbed wire fence going across a field with trees on far side

infrared digital photograph by anthony davis of tree lined railroad tracks going off into the distance

infrared photograph of a railroad crossing lights by photographer anthony m davis

digital photograph of a tree lined river taken in infrared so the trees are white and the river and sky is a vibrant blue

great example of an infrared photo of a rocky ocean shoreline taken by photographer anthony davis

photograph of a white lighthouse with white trees surrounding it and taken in infrared

anthony davis infrared digital image of two white trees popping out from a dark blue background sky

great infrared image of a cemetery with lots of contrast taken by anthony davis

About the Artist

I am a diverse photographer. I’m drawn by textures, forms and styles of architecture, floral, landscape, the maritime realm, infrared, high dynamic range imaging and people. In the same way that the world and life around us is a living, changing thing, my work constantly shifts to new areas seeking opportunities to create a new image.

Many years ago I was a successful commercial, industrial, advertising photographer and photo-journalist. Then one day on the way to a shoot, I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. More than a year of physical rehabilitation from that injury, the business went away and I didn’t pick up a camera for 20-years. Then, 7-years ago, I knew it was time to rekindle the photographic love I missed over the years.

During that 20-year hiatus, I served as a Coast Guardsman, Intelligence Officer a Law Enforcement Professional and an Author. None of these positions are generally associated with photography, yet those years of experience helped form my view of the world. Our work and the people we are is a direct reflection of where we’ve been.

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Article by James Day

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6 thoughts on “Infrared Digital Photography by Anthony M Davis”

  1. Tony! These are stunningly beautiful photographs; surreal and eerie, like a peek into another dimension.
    I have always loved infrared. I love the amazing color shifts, the other-worldly look they create.

  2. Great work Anthony!
    I just love the effects of infrared…….it’s like another planet!
    Best to you!

  3. Thank You for featuring my work. If you’re ever looking for a specific focus, I have a lot of diverse work. Just let me know.

    Thank You again for the great work you’re doing and for featuring part of my work.

    Tony Davis

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