Lana Gramlich (Artist) –
Wildlife Painting – The melding of opposites; peaceful scenes rendered in colors that excite the mind.

Lana Gramlich was born Friday the 13th in the Bermuda Triangle and sold on the black market. Raised on the Gold Coast of Long Island, N.Y., she moved to the New Orleans area in 2003. Her award-winning paintings and photos have appeared in various formats; from coloring books to public spaces to TV. She founded Abita Artists in 2008 and is a member of numerous, local art groups. In an effort to “give back” and support causes she believes in, Lana often works with non-profit organizations and/or charity events. She lives in the “piney woods” of Abita Springs with her husband and scores of wild critters.

Artist Statement:
Influenced by the arts of the Far East, my painting style is largely visionary, my works organic; a celebration of color, mysticism and serenity. My inspiration comes from the melding of opposites; peaceful scenes rendered in colors that excite the mind, the outer world of nature woven with the inner world of dream, myth and spirit. Birds have long been a great love of mine and they often appear in my art work. When they’re not the main subject, they’re still often seen drifting lazily in the background.

I don’t typically draw any guidelines on my canvases before I paint, allowing for more spontaneous freedom of expression. Since I often use thin washes of paint, I work flat on a table instead of vertically on an easel to prevent them from running. In some works I use gloss varnish, salt and/or iridescent or metallic paints selectively, to catch and reflect nearby light sources, incorporating light in my paintings quite literally.

Nature dominates my photographic work as well. I seek to capture simple, everyday beauty typically overlooked in the rat race of our techno-industrialized society. As with painting, birds are a favorite subject. Largely self-taught, I work primarily with digital cameras or quick-drying acrylic paints, which allow for more creative time while requiring no extra chemicals in our already too-synthetic world.

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  1. Lana’s work is constantly evolving and improving and she is on the road to success. To view her work is to know her thoughts articulated in the serenity of her brush stokes. Her photography exudes peacefulness and thoughtful attention to natures glory and beauty. Collectors should take notice now before her work becomes unattainable.

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