John Pacovsky (Artist)
Life Sized Box People – Are quite frankly a new art form. They have never been done before.

As I approach my 60th birthday, I can not escape the feeling of just beginning. I have had success in the commercial art field – enough to make most artists happy – yet I have always felt it was never enough.

My most recent endeavor was to paint 150 ads for Grande Absente, parodying most of the major art movements. Being paid to learn the painting techniques of the best painters the world has ever seen has been absolutely amazing. (Or should I say Absolut amazing because one of the ads I did for them is in the Smithsonian.)

During this process I constantly wondered what I would evolve into as a painter. I could not see me echoing anything I had already done or anything anyone else has done.. and I certainly wanted to take art to the next level, I mean I drank enough Absente to bond with my predecessors. I wanted to paint like no one else has ever painted before.

The life size box people are quite frankly a new art form. They have never been done before.

Major Magazine Publications:
Art & Antiques
Art & Auction
Art in America
Baltimore Magazine
Baltimore Sun
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Cigar Aficionado
Connoisseur Magazine
Deco Deco
Elle Homme
Sunstorm Arts Magazine

Franc Amerique
Interview Magazine
Kansas City Star
Kick Magazine
Marketing Insights
The New Yorker
Philadelphia Inquire
San Diego Magazine
Seven Sea
Shukan Yomiuri
Wine Spectator

(Images and Tastes of the Green Fairy)
Absolut Book

Absinthe, History in a Bottle
(Special Crillon Importers Edition)
Culture Incorporated
Miles of Mules, History with a Colorful Kick
Galleries and Shows:
Absolute Americana Gallery, St Augustine, FL
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY
Adler & Company, San Francisco, CA
Ballet Theater Pennsylvania
Chadds Ford Gallery, Chadds Ford, PA
Connoisseur Magazine Reception, NY, NY
( Abslout Artists of the 90’s Show)

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center, Wilkes University
Eglise Saint-Denis, Tourtour, France
Dumont-Landis Fine Art Princeston, NJ

Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
French Embassy Cultural Services, NY, NY
Galeria Gotanda, Tokyo, Japan
Galerie Atelier, Philadelphia, PA
Gravely Gallery, Washington, DC
Harrisburg Art Association, PA
H. Dana Becker Gallery, NY, NY
Ladman Fine Art, New Hope, PA
Laura Larkin Gallery, Delmar, CA
Michael Kisslinger Gallery, NY, NY
Morgon Gallery Blakeslee, PA

Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
Payton Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
Pennsylvania Medical Society Auxiliary
Roxx Ltd. Artshowcase Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Seagram Museum, Ontario, Canada
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Summit Gallery, Ltd. NY, NY
Widmann Gallery, King’s College, Wilkes Barre, PA
William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ

Channels 16, 22 & 28. ABC, CBS, & NBC News Affiliates
Channel 13 New York City – PBS, Prestige TV, Tokyo, Japan

Inquiries and art commissions are welcome.

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