Jerel Baker (Artist)
Oil Painting – Jerel Baker – “I rarely sketch with pencils, just straight to canvas with a brush.”

The adopted son of royalty,he rose to defend the humble with words,and then deeds…..for which he stood accused. He offered to give up his life.They refused him that honor.’‘If we hang him,he`ll be a martyr,but if we lock him away,he`ll be forgotten and life will go on.’’ So they gave him an island prison and he broke rocks for 27 years,but HE was not broken….or forgotten….the facts remained….the hungry,the crowded,the jailed,the lynched…..the ignored. He lived their cause. A Shepherd and a Shaman…his flock swelled, the world turned and noticed…and when the power fell…..into his hands, He did not lash out with revenge…..he reached out with reconciliation

First came the great canoes over the big water.They brought us ponies,for which we were thankful. Then came the pale riders,throwing fire and spilling sacred blood….for shiny rocks.They gave us disease and soothed us with firewater….they gave us promises. Then came the prairie schooner and the iron horse,leaving a wide trail.They disdained life and removed it…..even mountains!!! They put steel and concrete where paradise once thrived……..and then they took the eagle as their symbol,put the buffalo on their coins,and gave their villages and waters our names….They even built a great totem in the waters of their greatest village…..’’.is this our tribute? ’’ the native laments…………The Great Spirit ……only sighs.

Jerel Baker Quotes
“I paint what i want to see…stories.”

“He is my big brother….truth and courage are a hard combination to live up to.”

“It’s kind of futile to create things that just take up space, and ultimately will end up covered in mold in a cellar until carted off to the dump.”

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