Raymond Miller (Sculptor)

I had always believed I would be a sculptor when I retired from engineering. Then the light went on one day, “Why wait?”. I sold three pieces in the first show I entered, and won Grand Prize at my first juried exhibition. Since then I have worked with lead interior designers, architects and art collectors for commissioned work and enjoy the cooperative effort of working on designing and created new works of fine and functional art.

My exploration of spirituality led me to create a number of pieces of religious work, ranging from uniquely designed menorahs to synagogue art and memorial installations.

Recently I have applied my degree in Fluid Mechanics to my art and started to create exciting water features and working in larger scale for public sculpture.

A very exciting art season
For the first time Ray’s work has been on display in five art exhibitions concurrently.
The World Art Foundation’s International Art Show in California
The Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Cincinnati, Ohio
The Art Academy of Cincinnati – SOS Peace and Justice Show – Cincinnati, Ohio
The Kennedy Heights Arts Center – The Heat is On – Guild Show […]

Gateway Sculpture for Norwood?
Ray is working with the City of Norwood and Al Neyer Development, Inc. on the design for a new large scale gateway sculpture for the Linden Pointe Development. The project is expected to get green-lighted this winter and installed this Summer.

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2 thoughts on “Metal Sculpture & Functional Art by Raymond Miller”

  1. T
    You should absolutely go for it! Once you get started and bitten by the metal bug that’s it, you’re hooked.

  2. Raymond,

    That is great you decided to follow your dream and get into sculpting. I have done steel fabrication for some time, and have always wanted to branch out into metal art but have always found excuses not too.. such as I’m too tired or busy.. I think I’m going to take a page out your book and just go for it!

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