Cathy SUGIYAMA (Artist)
Figurative Illustration – using traditional mediums such as pencils, ink, felts, & paper sheets.

My name is Cathy Sugiyama, I am 39 and French, I live in South of France with my husband who’s Japanese. I speak French,
Japanese and English.

I have drawn illustrations and comics (manga style) since my childhood.
Drawing and writing has always been a big part of my life, it’s more than a passion, it’s under my skin, couldn’t live
without it !

I also love fashion and stylism and drew lots of it too !
For my work, I only use traditional stuff as pencils, ink, felts, paper sheets etc… no computer involved.

I’ve already written and drawn 8 graphic novels/albums (all colors, 21×29,7cm, from 50 to 85 pages per story)
My stories, entitled “Allan Scott’s Adventures” are mostly action, romance and detective investigations.
My main characters are Allan Scott (A South-American detective living in the USA) and his partner (and girlfriend) Tamara Elise (A French journalist, younger
than him)

My “Allan Scott” works include :
8 Graphic novels/albums (all colors, in French) :

– “Christmas Lovers”,
– “La dame de pique”,
– “Eaux troubles”,
– “Mission infernale au paradis”,
– “Les ombres du passé”,
– “La revanche du Cobra”,
– “Disparitions”,
– “Amnésie”

2 illustrated novels (in French)

“Le Journal de Tamara” (Tamara’s Diary)
– volume 1 : “Notre histoire” (our story)
– volume 2 : “Cabaret”

Hundreds of “Allan Scott” illustrations are available for sale.
I am looking for a publisher who’d be interested in my work.

In France, my artwork has regularly taken part in Art Expositions and Art Events for several years :
July 1999, november 1999, october 2006, october 2007, december 2007, october 2008 and one participation at
the “Gruissan Comics/ Manga Annual Festival” in South of France.

I also won the silver award in a Japanese/French art contest in 2007 (led by High Dream Corporation)

In 1994, my first album “Le Dernier Cathar” (The last Cathar) – a South of France’s historical theme – was published.
It was a short comic-story suggested by a regional contest that I won. It has been published in English
Some of my fanarts and illustrations have already been published in several magazines and newspapers (in France and Japan).

My ever favorite artist has always been Mr Hôjô Tsukasa (Cat’s Eye, City Hunter, Angel Heart), a famous Japanese mangaka. I love his work, his unique style and I’ve
read and collected his manga for 25 years now.

My other great passion is Japan and Japanese culture. I’ve already traveled in Japan lots of times since 1994.

I am also graduated with the “Japanese-Language Proficiency Certificate”, level 2.

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  1. Hi John,

    I am Cathy’s best friend (and kinda agent) and unfortunately, his husband is not your former collegue, I am sorry …
    Don’t worry, no trouble done ^^
    Best regards


  2. Hi, Sorry to bother you but I am trying to contact a former colleague of mine, Kuoryski Sugiyama and was wondering if he might be your husband as I know he had a french wife who spoke japanese.
    We worked together in London for a company called Semi-Tech.
    If it is your husband, could you give him my regards and pass on my e-mail address, if it is not your husband, I apologise for troubling you.

    Best regards

    John Skinner

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