Dawn – DMG (Artist) –
Painting & Drawing – I’m Dawn.  Or DMG as I’m known on here.  But you can call me Dawn, it’s cool.

I’m an artist, but I’m pretty sure you already gathered that much.  But you might not know that I think flat nose school buses are unnatural and creepy looking.  Enjoy that juicy bit of trivia.

I grew up and currently reside on Long Island where quite honestly, I think I got the best of several worlds right at my fingertips.  I live in the comfort of suburbia where the lovely Jones Beach is a mere 10 minutes away from me,  the bright lights of New York City and all it has to offer is a 30 minute drive west, and vineyards, farms and country are an hour east.  I can go fishing and make sandcastles in the morning, go apple picking and sip wine for lunch and then later that evening go check out an art exhibit’s opening reception at some hip, edgy museum in the city.  Plus it’s pretty cool to tell people I live on an island.

I’ve been doing the artist thing for…..gosh almost 20 years now (yikes!).  I’ve always immersed myself in art growing up and at school.  In 5th grade was when it really all began for me (click here for the flashback sequence).  Later on I went to college for art earning my Bachelors of Science degree in Visual Communications, with a concentration in Graphic Design from SUNY Farmingdale.  Those 4 years were not a very good time in my life.  Several unfortunate circumstances had occurred in that short time span.  I was filled with anxiety and self-doubt.  I was constantly questioning everything, everyone and every decision in my life.  Luckily a few years later I prevailed and earned my Master of Science degree in Art Education at Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus.

To date I have five years experience in education as an art teacher.  I worked those 5 years at an alternative high school where I taught studio art, drawing & painting and creative crafts courses to students ranging from 15 to 20 years old.  Best 5 years of my life so far.

Teaching and creating art is what I was put here on earth to do, I’m sure of it.  Creating art and sharing the creative experience with others = mind-blowing.

Well, it is for me anyway.

I’m very eclectic with art (as I am with so many other aspects of my life) so I constantly utilize many different mediums in my classroom and in my own artwork.  I notice I go into art phases.  Right now it’s photography, before that it was paper mache vases, bowls and other functional art pieces.  Before that it was charcoal pencil figure drawings.  Who knows what I’ll get a craving for next.

From as early as my teenage years I had always considered professionally exhibiting my work but knew it wasn’t the right time. I wanted to use my twenties to discover and learn about who I was and who I wanted to become, not only in life but as an artist. I needed to gain maturity, confidence and life experience as well, and continue honing my artistic and creative skills. I chose to focus my energy into my education and began my teaching endeavors before entering the professional art realm. Now, approaching my thirites (yikes!), I feel confident in what I have to say and how I visually express it. I create art for me: for my enjoyment and hopefully for others’ enjoyment, too.

In the future I plan on continuing to create my art, you know, so I don’t get rusty and all.  I would also love to go back to school for art therapy in a few years.  Hopefully one day I’ll own a home with my very own fully loaded art studio, I mean the works!  Sinks, shelves, cabinets, huge desks, easels, kiln, pottery wheel, and endless art supplies as far as the eye scan see…..

Wow……that would be epically amazing.

But honestly, just being able to make art is pretty darn amazing.

1.New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA), 2005 – present

2/18/10 – 3/7/10
M55 Art Gallery, Long Island City, NY
Concerto of Illumination, as part of the Armory show 2010
Group Show

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