Donna Bernstein (Artist)
Equestrian Art – Sculpture and paintings of modern and classic equine forms.

Much of my work is large and medium scale urban equestrian paintings, “Urban Equines”. By that I mean the energy, beauty, and both modern and classic equine form expressed in purely contemporary terms. My pieces are at home in both formal collections as well as the large-scale spaces of modern design.

I also create a line of purely abstract paintings. My signature style, composed of dynamic lines, bold colors, and the emotional energetic sparked by the element of the formless, appear here as well. I am seduced by the subtle nuances of abstraction that evoke feeling.

My technique combines mediums in new and regenerative ways; I use the art of drawing and the spirit of painting to experience the transition of complexity to simplicity and back again – this gives a feeling of movement, energy and life to my works. The inherent motion in this creative act is both guide and gift. I mix mediums, I mix metaphors, in the process of exposing my interior landscape through the form of the inspirational equine, formless color and intuition.

Donna Bernstein (Artist) Web Site

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