Glenn Arthur (Artist)
Art Nouveau – Powerfully detailed and ornate art nouveau styled paintings.

Glenn Arthur is a self taught artist from Southern California. Glenn was born in February of 1979 and grew up in Orange County. His artistic abilities were noticed early on as he constantly drew characters from the cartoons he watched as a child. As Glenn became older he enjoyed researching cartoon and comic book styles of art at local book stores. Realizing that whole new worlds of art could be found through literature, he began to expand his artistic interests and stumbled upon books full of 40’s style pinup art from artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. It was then that Glenn immediately fell in love with rendering the sensual female form. As a young adult Glenn strived to evolve his drawings so he set out to find more artists who also focused on women as beautiful subjects of art. Through his search he came upon the artwork of Alphonse Mucha whose powerfully detailed and ornate art nouveau styled images instantly inspired Glenn beyond anything he had seen before.

Filled with motivation to create, Glenn set out on his artistic journey. He started practicing with pencil drawings of female forms then quickly moved into ink. As his drawings became more intensely detailed they begged for color so Glenn turned to colored pencils to fill in his images. Working in layers he began to form his own unique way of bringing the women he drew to life with intense emotion. Glenn then began to include ornate patterned watercolor painted backgrounds to add depth to his drawings as well as his favorite animal, the hummingbird, to add a playful balance to the sorrowful feeling of his work. As his style evolved and his ambition became stronger he eventually decided to try his hand at full acrylic paintings.

Since then Glenn has been diligently working on creating his own brand of beautifully painted women adding elements and symbols of his influential past and present to each image. Beyond the aesthetics of his artwork, Glenn brings an overwhelming sense of passion to his paintings. Touching on themes of love, death, and duality, Glenn’s artwork tells stories of strength and hope through emotion with his sensual beauties and signature hummingbirds. His work has been shown throughout several galleries and has built an enormous online following. Fans of Glenn‘s artwork speak of his paintings with great fervor and anxiously await each new piece which not only humbles Glenn but drives him to outdo each painting with a new image that will hopefully stir their emotions and touch their hearts.

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