Steampunk Sculptures

I work as a fashion designer specialized in girls clothing. I assist Daniel with packaging and necklace designs.

I’m a full-time Steampunk jewelry designer and sculptor. I make all the Steampunk rings, earrings, bracelet, I also choose the design for the Steampunk necklace ,take pictures and list new items. I’m the designer behind the Steampunk line of jewelry.

All other tasks are shared between ourselves as a team.

Daniel’s Bio:
I worked for several years in customer service in a travel agency and finance until 2008.

In April of 2008 I started to make rings just for fun … I spent several hours every day perfecting and developing my own technique to Create an original design. I quickly started to make very retro-futurist model of rings. At that time I decided to embark on this adventure, quit my job and try to live on my jewelry full-time. One day a friend told me what I was doing was Steampunk. I researched the subject and fell in love with this culture. I always liked Steampunk but I didn’t know there was a name for it.

Press & Achievements :

12 April 2008 – Catherinette Rings open a shop on ETSY.

2 June 2008 – First steampunk piece sold on ETSY.

25 January 2009 – Mention in Fashion Magazine Clind’oeil Article about ETSY

26 February 2009 – Article in the Newspaper Le Voir about Steampunk

May 2009 – Picture of my jewelry in Jean Campbell’s Steampunk Style Jewelry Book.

21 May 2009 – Steampunk D&D Beholder sculpture featured on

24 May 2009 – Steampunk Spider featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art

30 May 2009 – Attended Grand Picnic Victorien Montreal

7 June 2009 – LARP – Attended INDUSTRIA 1859 – Montréal

13 June 2009 – Featured in the innovation section of WGSN

13 October 2009 – Participation in The first Steampunk Exhibition to be held at a Major Museum ,The Museum of the History of Science Oxford UK

December 2009 – Article in the Ottawa Magazine about Steampunk

14 january 2010 – The Incredible Steampunk Jewelry Photography of Daniel Proulx

2 February 2010 – Steampunk Robot Ring featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art

21 February 2010 – Final Day of the Steampunk Exhibition – Art Donovan Curator of the Exhibition and Jim Bennett Director of the Museum , Member of the Victorian Steampunk Society . Artists present were Ian Crichton, (Herr Doktor-UK), Daniel Proulx, (Canada) and James Richardson Brown (UK)

9-10 March 2010 – Meeting with Lee Ann Farruga and Pat of Steampunk Ottawa .

April 2010 : My Steampunk Catterpillar won the first place in the Steamteam Alice in wonderland Contest .

April 2010 : Mention in the Beadworkers Guild Journal UK , article by Heather Kingsley-Heath

16 April 2010 – Montreal’s Jewelers School

5 May 2010 : Featured on :

10 May 2010 : Steampunk Robot Sculpture featured on Robot vs Badger

16 May 2010 : My Steampunk Catterpillar featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art :

18 May 2010 : Website feature on

12 June 2010 : Steampunk Ottawa Science Fair

August 2010 : Make Jewelry Magazine Interview , page 39 .

Upcoming Events :

31 July 2010 – Vending at the Grand Picnic Victorien Montreal

14 to 22 August – Vending at Hot Air Balloons festival – International de Montgolfieres – Saint -Jean-sur-Richelieu.

27 to 29 August – Guest at FanExpo Canada . Steampunk Meet-and-Greet Soiree at the Royal York Library Bar , participation in the “Steampunk 101” panel and more …

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