Deborah Gorga (Artist)
Custom Artwork – Any and all types of acrylic painting and or charcoal drawings upon request.

I was an art major in College- switched to business but never stopped sketching – about 6 years ago began art classes again – I use charcoal – and acrylic paint- love to do portraits of all kinds – but enjoy any subject, animals, landscapes, still lifes. I have a very busy life- but try to paint or draw every day – It’s my “escape”!

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KC Moore (Artist)
Figurative Painting – Color and movement are two descriptors of my artwork. An artist taught by artists, I have been drawn to experimental techniques and media. Once I’ve mastered a subject I rarely visit it again.

I allow life to influence my subject choices and let other artists have put a stamp on my work.  I have become fearless in paint to the extent I offer an interactive live art experience. It’s called “Art by Audience” and I invite guests to select my paints, subject matter special effects and then I paint live using their choices. I find it a fun challenge because I never know what I will be using.

I love to promote the local art scene and fellow artists. I publish a monthly newsletter to feature one of my paintings plus I add stories and links to things I find in the fascinating world of art.

KC Moore (Artist) Website & Blog


Kris Courtney (Artist)
Figurative Painting – Free Expression is the theme behind most of artistic efforts.

American Artist & Author Kris Allen Courtney, drawn to benevolence and disability awareness by his own personal experience. An artist in spirit and gift, Courtney is dedicated to service and participation beyond disabilities. His canvas derives from images that move him to allow freedom of spirit in both paint and words.

As my artistry leans towards a Primitive Literalism (Avant-garde), the heart and mind continue to expand in color expressionism that allows my spirit and soul comfort.

American Artist Kris Courtney 2009 Collection
In the previous year, American Artist & Author Kris Allen Courtney has been prolific in the utmost fashion. His collection of artwork ranges from the uncomplicated still life, dramatic spiritual impression, zestful animal and landscape depictions to the inspiring and provocative nude. In the termed Genre of Primitive Literalism, the paint escapes the canvas into the viewer’s realm to offer a glimpse of unique colorful expression.

Kris Courtney (Artist & Author) Website & Social Media

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