Artist Vlado Vesselinov
Pop Art

Vlado is an artist with a distinctive and memorable style.
It is deeply emotional and logical based on the feeling of modern perception of the world and its values.

What more vivid expression of the perception of the modern world of images of confident and suggestive color palette of emotions, women and persons of iconic figures from the world of popular culture are seen by the artist.

Paintings lead our senses over modern world for a breathtaking journey. Jets pure oxygen attack consciousness, to awaken in us modern. The feeling when your eyes go through the artworks that greedily want more and more fragments of this colorful and life-giving modern world.

Solo exhibitions:
1998 – solo exhibition, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
1999 – solo exhibition – Gallery Kovachev, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
2000 – solo exhibition – Art Gallery – Master, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
2000 – solo exhibition – Russian Cultural Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 – solo exhibition – City Gallery, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
2007 – solo exhibition – Art Gallery – Master, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
2009 – solo exhibition – Art house – Triadiss, Sofia, Bulgaria

2000 – Land Art In The River – (land art), river Struma, Bulgaria –
2001 – The Thinker – (action, happening), central city square of the town of Pernik, Bulgaria –
2002 – Second Hand Art Market – (action, happening), Centre for Contemporary Art ATA, Sofia, Bulgaria –

Plein Air:
2000 – International Plein Air painting – Rudartsi, Bulgaria
2005 – International Plein Air painting “Master” – Kyustendil, Bulgaria
2007 – International Plein Air painting “Karpino” – Kumanovo, Macedonia
2008 – International Plein Air painting “St. Joachim Osogovski” – Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

2001 – Special Jury Prize, “International Symposium on the problems of color” – Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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