Artist Paul Cezanne

Painting must give us the flavor of nature’s eternity. Everything, you understand. So I join together nature’s straying hands.  From all sides, here there and everywhere, I select colors, tones and shades; I set them down, I bring them together.  They make lines, they become objects – rocks, trees – without my thinking about them.  But if there is the slightest distraction, the slightest hitch, above all if I interpret too much one day, if I’m carried away today by a theory which contradicts yesterday’s, if I think while I’m painting, if I meddle, then woosh!, everything goes to pieces.

Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. That’s why color appears so entirely dramatic, to true painters. Look at Sainte-Victoire there

How it soars, how imperiously it thirsts for the sun!.  For a long time I was quite unable to paint Sainte-Victoire; I had no idea to go about it because, like others who just look at it, I imagined the shadow to be concave, whereas in fact it’s convex, it disperses outward from the center. Instead of accumulating, it evaporates, becomes fluid, bluish, participating in the movements of the surrounding air.

Nature as it is seen and nature as it is felt, the nature that is there.. (he pointed towards the green and blue plain, J. G.) and the nature that is here (he tapped his forehead, J. G.) both of which have to fuse in order to endure, to live that life, half human and half divine, which is the life of art or, if you will the life of god. The landscape is reflected, humanized, rationalized within me. I objectivize it, project it, fix it on my canvas.

Art has a harmony which parallels that of nature. The people who tell you that the artist is always inferior to nature are idiots! He is parallel to it. Unless, of course, he deliberately intervenes. His whole aim must be silence. He must silence all the voices of prejudice within him, he must forget.. ..And then the entire landscape will engrave itself on the sensitive plate of his being.

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