"Wenche" work in progress portrait sculpture by Håvard Nafstad

This is a portrait of my mother as a child. Picture from my open studio event in April 2016.

As an artist, I recognise the shape as it emerges from the material. It always starts with a feeling. I become inspired or feel the energy rising in me, sometimes a shape emerges in my mind and sometimes it emerges in the material, but the feeling of energy and fearlessness is always my starting point. I start fresh every time I return to my works, tuning in to what power lies within me.

My inspiration is love, energy and light. Light is what is an darkness is what is not. I see what is.

I have a sense of purpose in inspiring people. I believe we go where our focus is. I believe we are changed and affected by the things we see, and when we see nature, love, light, we live.

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