"Too Much Strukture" pencil & colored pen on paper by Charlotte Greenwood

My intention when sharing my artwork with the world, is to touch the soul of and strike a chord with people’s emotions, to invoke discussion and stimulate the imagination.
I primarily make Art that questions and analyses the human condition, harnessing the mystery of who we are. These images, become expressions of how our existence within our environment are in constant evolution and adaptation.

I choose the medium and process of my work according to the project I am creating.
Currently, I am developing a project called YOU. It is a reflection on, and celebration of the story of who a person becomes over a lifetime, and how we define that. I’m using my autobiography as the vehicle. A book of 100 portraits of people I have met along my life so far, intertwined with their stories.

The project stirs up questions of, how we perceive and define ourselves, who are we? What do we choose to remember from the experiences we live throughout our lives? What do we consider significant and important? And what legacy do we leave behind?
For me this project touches on the soul of what actually makes us Human beings. Memories, stories, emotions, and connectedness.

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