5 thoughts on “Illustrations & Portrait Paintings by Michael Shapcott”

  1. Dear Michael,
    I am so very impressed with your awesome talent and its renderings that so totally blow me away! By the way we share birthdays; so Happy Belated B’day!! My bday is 06-06-60 and my brother Leighton is 06-06-61!! Anyway keep up your developments as you truly are gifted!! Hopefully some day I can share a few of my meagher sketches with you! I am so into using Cretacolur Monolith graphite pencils right now but when I’ve tried to infiltrate w/ derwent watercolor pencils the transformation is so much less that my imagined outcomes! So I’ll keep playing around and look and read about other artist creations till I’m happy with my production!!!
    God Bless You Michael and I hope we can interact again in the future!!
    Leean Palmer
    leean2u2@yahoo.com private mail or leean2u@gmail.com public

  2. Love! I’m so excited to start my collection with a whole new approach. You inspire me, I love portraits!

  3. This is IT!
    That is just what I can say. I was always looking for perfection and minimalism at the same time (in a way to say only what really matters). You have done it. Bravo!

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