UKO POST (Artist)
Modern Figurative Paintings

Modern Portrait Painting

Dutch Figurative Painting

Dutch Portrait Painting

Dutch Portrait Painting

Skull Still Life Painting

Still Life Painting

Still Life Painting

Dead Leaf Painting

Open Valley Painting

Painting of Branch

Still Life Painting

Old Trees Painting

Ancient Ruin Painting

Beach Landscape Painting

Painting Rock In Water

Ice Sea Painting

About the Artist
In July 1954 I saw daylight for the very first time in the little Dutch town of Meppel in the province of Drenthe.

In my last primary school class I became more interested in drawing , because we had a project to complete for the national holiday for the queen.This project was organized in all the primary schools in Meppel. My drawing was chosen to hang in the local newspaper window. I was very proud.

In 1969 I went with my father to Amsterdam to the Rijksmuseum. (The exhibition Rembrandt 1696-1969, I still own the catalog as a souvenir ). I was so impressed by the paintings of Rembrandt, that I decided to become a painter. Against the will of my parents, who were in that time protestant, painters are not very popular in that world.

After secondary school I attended the academy of arts Minerva in Groningen, from 1972 untill 1978.  A college of free painting and graphic arts. Professors were Diederik Kraaijpoel, Wout Muller, Matthijs Roling and  Ger Siks.  My mentor in the graduate year was Geert Meijer, who worked totally different, but he had a flexible mind and he understood his profession so well that we got along very well.

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