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Igal Fedida  –  Theo Ramone  –  David Hatton  –  Mark W Stevens  –  Miya Ando  –  Marianne Monnoye  –  Cathe Hendrick  –  Amirhossein Amirjalali  –  Susan Elliot  –  Elly Potamianos  –  jAPPEi  –  Monica Hulsing  –  Shea Holliman  –  Jon Nelson  –  Laura Stamper  –  Laurie Maves  –  Jane McKay  –  Danielle Davis  –  Jon E Allen  –  Cassandra Allsworth


“A Day In The Forest”

Modern Abstract Paintings

Igal Fedida


“Painted Forest”

Modern Abstract Paintings

Theo Ramone


“Coming Home”

Surreal Abstract Paintings

David Hatton



“The City”

Architectural Watercolor Paintings

Mark W Stevens




Obscure Figurative Paintings

Miya Ando



“Between Mother and Earth”

Figurative Stone Sculpture

Marianne Monnoye – Termeer



“Night Owls”

Acrylic Paintings

Cathe Hendrick




Acrylic Paintings

Amirhossein Amirjalali


“Even Silence Speaks”

Forest Paintings

Susan Elliot




Classical LandscapePaintings

Elly Potamianos



– The Artist With His Work

Modern Abstract Paintings




“The Hague”

The Hague Paintings

Monica Hulsing



“A Lamp”

Still Life Expressionist Paintings

Shea Holliman




Abstract Paintings

Jon Nelson


“Dream Maker”

Mixed Media Sculpture

Laura Stamper



“La Luna and Poppies”

Whimsical Watercolor Paintings

Laurie Maves



“Ribbon Dance”

Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Jane McKay



“Martini Askew”

Martini Design Print

Danielle Davis


“Degeneration Series”

Fine Art Print

Jon E Allen



“Reflective Mood”

Michael Jackson Portrait Painting

Cassandra Allsworth



Article by James Day

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