“The Dental Chair” is a mixed media sculpture by James Day which was commissioned in 2009 by an avid dental art collector in Israel. The sculpture took James 7 months from start to finish, mainly working in the evenings when time permitted. It was made using polymer clay, wood, steel wire, bolts, electrical wiring & tape, lights, battery, hinges, recycled transparent plastic, and recycled fabric. The interactive sculpture includes a small switch for the working dental light glasses on the dentists’ forehead. The light mechanism includes a hinged battery compartment for a 9v battery hidden in the wood base. (continued below video)

Careful detail was given to several requests made by the buyer including the specific scenario of the dentist causing pain and the patient reacting intensely to it while waving a white flag. Additional ideas were introduced which were  accepted by the buyer. These upgrades to the initial concept included an intricately hand cut tiled floor, the working dental light with switch and hidden compartment, the dental sink, computer monitor with patient dental records hand painted on the screen, and the swing arm with tool tray including overhead light. These were all approved after the initial concept sketches were approved.  Everything you see exactly matches the dentists office in Israel.  I offered to create walls and a ceiling replicating the tiles and framed pictures found in his office in miniature, but he liked the idea of it being more open and visible from all sides.  It would have been interesting to see a back wall and an over head ceiling with florescent light.  There’s always the next project…

You can commission sculptor and mixed media artist James Day to create a custom artwork for you including a small environment, custom shadow box, or an endless number of other possibilities.  Contact James through Art of Day for more information.

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