John Wagoner (Artist)
Three Dimensional Paintings – “We see that painting has revived itself to evolve/adapt to our time”

I deny my artwork as sculptures but define them as three-dimensional paintings, as these objects are entirely made out of the medium of paint. I challenge the notion of what painting is and where it could end.

In the Treatise in Painting, Da Vinci wrote about which art was the most superior: sculpture or painting? He discussed which medium trumped the other and declared painting the victor. However, with technology over the decades people have claimed that ‘painting is dead’ and we start to see this debate again, which is the most superior?

Within my work we see that painting has revived itself to evolve/adapt to our time and has begun to take over different mediums along with providing a social commentary. The idea of paint evolving or adapting can be seen as a “takeover” on various media to survive in a world where fine art seems to be fleeting. My next series will be dealing with another medium ‘takeover’ & this whole process of paint evolution by adaptation

John C. Wagoner is an adjunct instructor that has taught various art classes at Kendall College of Art & Design, Lake Michigan Community College, and will be teaching at Cornell College for the upcoming 2010 Fall semester.

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8 thoughts on “Three-Dimensional Paintings Made Entirely Out of Paint

  1. I am always in a quandry about my own need to re-invent the wheel or to design a language and then try and get other people to understand what I say.
    Does a spade become a steel when it is made of steel? Does a ship become a tree and a building a concrete? If so (assume the answers to these questions were in the positive)What is the relevance outside of the intrinsic value of the work?

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