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 James Day
These are a few of the sculptures & paintings I've been working on since early 2011.  As I find more time, I hope to add many more to this gallery.  Please enjoy and do share if you like. :)  Follow my work and get up to the minute info on Twitter, Facebook, & Flickr, or purchase signed prints at Fine Art America. 
James Day - New 2011 Artworks
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James Day
The number of artworks you see in this 2011 sculpture & painting gallery will continue to grow as I complete each artwork in the series. In the 2010 sculpture & painting gallery most of the images you see are of my relief carvings uncast and still the raw, white, clay form.  Only one of the artworks, the relief sculpture Horizon was finished, cast, and painted in color with acrylics. Almost the entire series of sculptures will eventually be painted much like the first edition "Eternal Thoughts of a Mortal Mind" (1 of 20). The first edition of 10 will be painted with lots of color much like the one you see here, the second edition of 10 will be painted with a single color and antiqued  to bring out the intricate carved details.

What you see in my work took an evolution in thinking about form, movement, and detail which spans almost my entire life.  Early in my career my realistic sculptures were made with a healthy dose of fantasy and psychological elements, but over time I found more interest in how a detail, line, or form begins and ends than I was about the overall subject matter itself.
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