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Art of Day is proud to present the phenomenal paintings, sculpture, and mixed media works of art created by some of the art world's most talented artists.  Please take a moment to browse through our continually growing list of great contemporary artists.
Art of Day Featured Artists -
Featured Artist of the Day - The artists we feature each business day are selected from submissions made to the Art of Day website via the Submit an Article web form.  If you're an artist interested in being considered for feature, please submit your bio, references to images, and links to your artist website, blog, fan page, twitter account, or any other social media service you may use. 

The Featured Artist of the Month - is selected at the end of each month from the growing list of talented featured artists.  The artist who receives the most unique views for their feature within any given month, gets to be the Featured Artist of the Month on the Art of Day web site. 

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Featuring The Amazing Art Created by Emerging Artists From Around The World!
Art of Day Featured Artists List
The Best Artists of 2010 - 2011
Featured Artists List
The art featured on Art of Day covers 2D & 3D art, painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, wood, mixed media, ceramics, illustration, public art, graphic art, photography and much more!
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