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 James Day -
James Day was born in Kansas in 1970. Being the son of an artist he inevitably became an artist himself. He started from a young age working with clay, kilns, and eventually casting and creating his own limited editions. If you're interested in purchasing originals, limited editions, or signed prints, please contact the artist.
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James Day (Artist)
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James Day James Day
I'm a sculptor specializing in 3dimensional post cubism who likes sculpting, painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, web design, working with wood, metal, wire, pastels, chalk, gouache, as well as  various other mixed media.  I lean heavily towards sculpture and working with clay though, because I grew up with it being the son of a
talented sculptor.  So most of what you will see of mine will be 3 dimensional sculpture and lots of high bas relief sculpture, and maybe a little painting to reinforce the series I'm working on.

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I Paint My Mind Review -
"James Day’s sculptures feel like cubism in 3D… texture and contour added to a sense of composition that feels like Picasso’s take on the organization of ones face.  It’s classic as far as the way it relates to the Cubist Movement, yet feels like it’s of its own time period.  The dimensionality of it lends a feeling that the piece is living somehow, not as though it’s jumping out at you, but more like there’s someone in the room you hadn’t accounted for.  There’s definitely a life-force to this stuff."
James DayMost of the carvings and paintings here were started back in January 2010.  They're part of a series of post cubist sculptures which pick up on a previous relief sculpture, a clay carving, I did a dozen years earlier called "Life Cycle," a high bas relief sculpture and limited edition of 25.  The original limited edition is currently open with just under a dozen available for purchase.   One of the Life Cycle limited editions was donated to a charity auction to raise money for the Phoenix Children's Hospital prior to its construction. Another was given to Jack Black of Tenacious D when they and many other amazing talent entertained at my nephew's charity event Winston's Calling,. Many of the others were given to friends and family. If you're interested you can view more of my work here, post cubism

I took a lengthy break from sculpting to start what ended up being an ongoing 8 year business venture in software development.  Once we started the business, my personal time went out the window. Averaging 18 hour days back to back week after week for years from that point on pretty much forced any ambitions I had for my art to the side. When I finally got back into my personal sculpting again in 2010, I wanted to pick up where I left off. Over the years I've had an endless number of ideas of how I could build on what I was working on before. The images you see here are just a few of those ideas. The series is a work in progress, so expect a lot more to come as I find the balance between managing my business and my art. 

I thought I'd elaborate on the last 10 months or so since I last updated the content here. As most of you know, I created this website not only to promote my own work, but also to help other emerging artists get more visibility for what they're doing. I enjoy connecting and working with these artists who are not only from the United States, but also from all over the world. It's been my great pleasure to be able to bring their art to the viewers of Art of Day.

For the last 8-9 months friend and family have had between them 1 brain surgery, 1 open heart surgery, 1 kidney surgery, and another involving serious bruising which came out of nowhere. That's between just 2 people. My business partner who's the co-owner and programmer for our company, had the heart & kidney surgery, and the crazy bruising thing which in total hospitalized him 4 or 5 times. For awhile there I thought I was going to have to look for another programmer to take over his role. He made it through both surgeries though, so I didn't have to look. That's basically my last 8 months+. I slowed down the amount of work I was doing for ArtofDay during all that time obviously. I did that mainly because I started having numbness in my fingers on my right hand which progressively got worse. I pushed through for a month until my whole arm and shoulder went numb. After that I dropped the features on Art of Day from 5-6 per week, to only 1 per week. After a few months, the feeling in my arm and hand came back. I did a lot of reading about it when it started, and from what I read I was experiencing carpel tunnel. So I just followed the instructions and stopped the repetitive work I was doing. Instead I got back into my own sculpting and painting, putting AOD as secondary importance. I didn't want to, but glad I did. Having feeling in my arm like normal again is great. I'm really grateful it wasn't permanent!

I will continue posting emerging artist features on Art of Day, but usually only 1 or 2 features per week. As mentioned above, I'm progressively doing more and more of my own sculpting and painting and hope to have my work exhibited Nationally and Internationally soon. 

I appreciate any comments or feedback you may have about my work. I'll do my best to respond promptly.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards, 

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James Day gallery of post cubism sculpture and paintings
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